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Photometric measurement systems
Lares di  Claudio Lerici
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Automotive lighting measurement since 1985.
Since 1985 Lares has produced benches of photometric measurement for automakers and lights manufacturers. A lot of years dedicated to the development of photometric benches that allows the customers to follow the evolution of the state of the art technology in car lights project and, at the same time, the evolution of international regulations.

Darkroom example
Customer satisfaction,
attention to photometric regulations,
constant product improvement.
Goniometer LGL rotary table and screen
Knowledge of automotive photometry
We are very attentive to every detail concerning the measure and our knowledge is enriched by tens of thousands of hours dedicated to the development of products, to the comparison with experts in the sector and to the continuous exchange of information with the technical users or managers of our measuring devices.
Multidisciplinary activity
All parts of the system are designed or evaluated on site.
Competence ranges from mechanics and electronics to software development.
The products needed are calibrated and installed by us and delivered ready to use.
Lares offer to its customers proper experience in the development of photometric measurement system and in the layout of these in plant.
Headlamps and signal lamps detectors
SC04 light source
Maintenance and Calibration services
All measurement systems need to be periodically calibrated.
Through the use of photometric samples and other traceable calibration instruments we calibrate our equipment on site.
Primary lab calibrated standards used for the lowest measurement uncertainty comparable to a National Measurement Institute.

Lares currently does not produce colorimeters.
We are dealers of Konica Minolta Sensing Europe (Italy Branch) that recommend for the excellent price performance of its products.
Our systems can be integrate color measurement directly controlled by our software products.
Some instruments combine the color measurement to the measurement of luminance; in the automotive field that allows a double use: colorimetry and measure of illumination of rear-registration plates. Lares can provide programs for the implementation of these measures.
CIE1931 chart
and more ...
Projects on demand
Our project experience at the service of customers.
Boards projects from simple to sophisticated.
MPU board
3D reproduction of electronic boards
Experience gained in thousands of hours dedicated to the complete development of microprocessor electronic systems, analog and power circuits.
Past and future
Claudio Lerici
See my curriculum clicking here, (Italian language).
I'm Claudio Lerici, Lares owner.
Born in February 1956, I followed my university studies at the Polytechnic University of Turin, graduating in December 1979.
Lares was founded in 1985, after an employee experience and a short company with a colleague.

The company has always been managed by the undersigned and has followed two main strands:
1- design of photometric systems and small test benches related to the production of automotive lighting,
2- projects of programmable anti-theft systems for the development of medium-large plants, developed for a specialized company.
The design, maintenance and installation of photometric systems has always been managed by the undersigned and, to date, they are still functioning at customers plant systems built in the early 90s.
The long life of the systems and my current age have convinced me that it is necessary to interrupt the production of complex (complete) benches while continuing to deal with the innovation of old systems and sales of simpler benches.
Anyone who wants to propose to purchase the complete darkroom system project can write to me for a negotiation.
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Lares di Claudio Lerici
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