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Photometric measurement systems
Lares di  Claudio Lerici
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The company is especially dedicated to the measurement of luminous and reflective devices in the automotive market (luminous intensity or illuminance and luminance in the visible spectrum).
We develop complete measurement benches for the evaluation of:

In the most comprehensive case measuring system consists of:
  • a goniometer (photogoniometer) which supports the component to measure and allows the rotation in the two axes in order to carry out the measurement at all points of its projection,
  • a workbench containing the control electronics, instruments and computers,
  • one or more light meters with photocell for measuring light intensity,

In any case the measurement system is controlled by one or more computers.
The supplied software is constantly updated to reflect job requirements and the ability to measure what is required by international standards.
Some clients have commissioned a device for measurement of reflective fabrics. Using the experience of the test bench for reflex reflectors we have developed a measurement bench to verify the appropriate regulations for reflective fabrics.

Currently, goniometer and work bench are produced exclusively for a selected clientele.

Lares is also committed to providing ad hoc systems created according to the particular needs of its customers. Some are described in special applications.
Lares di Claudio Lerici
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