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Photometric measurement systems
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Purchasing a product Lares customers can benefit from a full before and after sales service.

The experience gained over several years following the needs of many customers, allows us to support the staff in the preparation of the darkroom spaces' project, giving special attention to the different needs that may occur during the measurements.

If you would like to discuss your specific application with us, we would be pleased to work with you and recommend what would be the best fit to meet your needs.

The after sales service is to give to the customer what is necessary for the proper use of the system. We provide consulting on photometry. Adjustement and calibration, maintenance and repair and the ability for the client to request particular functions or updates.

On this website, customers have access to private areas containing the calibration reports, manuals, software installation, wiring diagrams and special notes.
Calibration service
By selecting Lares, you have chosen accurate and reliable technology. As with all precision instruments, Lares’s measuring instruments require regular expert maintenance and calibration to maintain optimum performance within specifications and tolerances. Without annual calibration measurement data is not traceable to international standards.
The calibration service is an integral part of our provision.
A service and calibration schedule along with a valid calibration report is not only good practice for the long term health of your asset and accuracy and traceability of photometric data. A calibration report is required for ISO Certification and most audit schemes.
Through the use of photometric samples and other traceable calibration instruments we calibrate our equipment on site.
Primary lab calibrated standards used for the lowest measurement uncertainty comparable to a National Measurement Institute.

Calibrated instruments:
  • Luxmeters and or candle meters
  • Power supply voltage and current command and reading
  • Goniometer position command and reading

If possible, all adjustments are included to bring your instrument back into specification.
Saves time and cost because there are no extra handling steps or charges.
Calibration reports showing traceability of used samples available on-line.
Your calibration records will available free of charge on Lares website, for easy, 24x7 web access, if you ever need to show proof of calibration for an audit.
Firmware updates are included during service.
Instruments stay up-to-date.
Lares di Claudio Lerici
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